Aerial Dance


Wildfire Entertainment is proud to begin offering spectacular Aerial Dance performance options!
Many people think that aerial dance isn't an option for their event - NOT TRUE! There is always a way to make aerial dance possible. If building a truss or rigging from the ceiling of your venue isn't an option, why not try our Lollipop Lyra performance? This portable routine is perfect for smaller venues where rigging isn't an option, and we have many styles to choose from. 
Check out the videos below to whet your appetite for aerial dance!

Watch the breath-taking performance as our graceful partners defy gravity with their spins and stretches.

Your venue doesn't have rigging points but you want an aerial dance performance? Wildfire Entertainment has you covered with our Lollipop Lyra. No rigging required and the cost to set up and take down the apparatus is inclusive in our rate! Check out the sneak preview of this amazing act, here.