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Innovative & Impactful Event Entertainment in Singapore & Asia Pacific

Existing Performances

Existing Performances

Choose one of our amazing event entertainment performance options for a tried and true show concept that is guaranteed to be a success!

By booking an existing show routine, you know exactly how the entertainment is going to look and fit within your event.

We're also happy to tweak an existing routine to fit your event concept. All Wildfire Entertainment performances have options for partial to full customisation.


Whether "off-the-rack" or tailored to your specifications, our existing performances will wow your audience with their quality, artistry, and innovation.

LuMen - LED Dance Performance Singapore Event Entertainment

Bespoke Performances

Touch the Stars - 2 Dancers (14).jpg

Does your event deserve entertainment that has never been seen before? A spectacle so unique and innovative that it leaves your audience itching to tell everyone they know about the incredible event they just attended? 

For the truly discerning client, Wildfire Entertainment's Bespoke Performances are the only option. With a proven track record of creating singularly spectacular performances that are the first of their kind in Singapore, you can rest assured knowing that your corporate entertainment is in our capable hands. 

Let us make your event entertainment unforgettable. From concept to completion, we'll guide you through the process as we create something brand new, just for you. 

Show Creation 

Proving that creative and commercial need not be mutually exclusive.

Industry Development

At Wildfire Entertainment, we aren't content with maintaining the status quo. We want to change the very fabric of event entertainment in Singapore--and we have a plan to make that happen! 

Culture building doesn't happen overnight. Changing the attitudes and perceptions of an industry is ongoing work that requires collaboration between artists, entertainment companies, and event executives. 

Whether you are one of our artist collaborators, a past or future client, or an arts enthusiast who wants to help us enrich the tapestry of the Singapore arts community, check out our blog to stay up-to-date on the latest projects and opportunities!

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Connecting Artists

Collaborating to create high quality shows.
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