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Digital Water Curtain


Wildfire Entertainment is thrilled to bring this amazing new piece of technology to the Singapore event and corporate entertainment scene for the very first time. Having made its debut in Salt Lake City, Wildfire's digital water curtain is now available for hire for events in Singapore, and across Asia Pacific. As a beautiful installation piece or as part of a stunning bespoke performance, our digital water curtain will have your audience gasping in awe as it sends water cascading down in dazzling (and customisable) patterns.

Digital Water Curtain Dance


Combining elegant and exciting choreography with stunning water effects, Wildfire Entertainment's Digital Water Curtain Dance Performances are a beautiful way to enthrall your event audience. The patterns of the cascading water are timed seamlessly with the music and movement of the dancers. It's as if they themselves can control water and gravity alike.

Digital Water Curtain Usana 2017

Digital Water Curtain Aerial Performance


Wildfire Entertainment's Digital Water Curtain Aerial Performance is as impactful as it gets. In its 2017 debut in the US, it instantly took the breath away from more than 15,000 event guests.

A solo dancer soars inside an ever-changing waterfall, spinning high above the stage in elegant and electrifying precision. 

Water Curtain with Vocalist/Musician


With its stunning circular shape, Wildfire Entertainment's Digital Water Curtain is the perfect place for vocalist or feature musician. A four-metre diameter keeps the artist safe and dry in the centre of the dazzling water effects around them.

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