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Special Effect - UV Dance

You want a never-before-seen, one-of-a-kind high-tech performance that will ‘wow’ your audience, but your budget isn’t exactly ‘wow.’ Don’t worry, Wildfire Entertainment has the perfect solution! By incorporating intensely pigmented UV paint into our customised costume designs, Wildfire dancers POP onstage. This creates an unforgettable performance for your guests at a price point you’ll love. Let us tell your story with our different UV Dance options!

UV Dance


This classic UV option is infinitely customisable at a reasonable price. With choreography to any song in any dance style and five different costume design options to choose from, you’ll be spoiled for choice with our basic UV Dance. Talk to a Wildfire team member about your custom UV dance today!

UV Splatter Costume
UV Dance



Take your UV Dance to the next level with GlowMotion! For every visible dancer, two performers in blackout costumes interact in the darkness, creating magical effects that will bring a smile to the faces of your audience members. Add customised UV props and branding to make this act uniquely yours.


Lumos - UV Projection Dance

With its mesmerizing graphics and lilting soundtrack, the addition of custom-made UV costumes bring our favourite Projection Mapping Dance, Lumos, to a new level. Our dancers match their movements perfectly gorgeous graphics behind them, the fluorescent UV paint on their costumes creating the illusion of bioluminescence onstage. This magical performance is bound to captivate your audience with its combination of motion graphics and UV light.


This UV projection dance routine can be performed with or without rocket section. Rockets can also incorporate client branding.


UV Jazz


A 50s retro-themed dance combined with quirky music promises a buoyant and bubbly performance. Donning special UV skirts that fluoresce in the dark, our dazzling performers engage your audience with tap or jazz choreography. Seen here performed by student dancers, a UV Jazz act is also a great way to get your staff involved in the fun!

UV Hoverboard Dance

Because we produce 100% of our acts in-house, the best part of a Wildfire Act is that we can combine performance types into one super-special performance option! Check out our Hoverboard Dancers in splatter-print UV costumes in a high energy UV Hoverboard Dance.

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