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Umbrella Dance

A new spin on an old favourite, Wildfire Entertainment’s Umbrella Dance riffs on our popular Contemporary Ribbon Dance but with a new, dynamic prop. The rainbow umbrellas open and close, creating visual triggers that pop onstage. With group choreography that makes use of the umbrellas to hide and then reveal the dancers, this lo-fi performance is great when you want impact but don’t have much in the way of A/V support.

This routine is highly customisable. We can add hoverboards or LED costumes to the act, or even a top-down camera for a new take on this feast for the senses. In 2019, we traveled to Salt Lake City and created an Umbrella Dance for Usana’s International Convention. This iteration of the act included a top-down live feed camera, which gave the act that ‘something extra special’!





Additional photos of the act can be seen here:

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