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Staff Performances

Audiences love to see “one of their own” up onstage. Whether it’s June from Accounting or the CEO of the company, watching a colleague perform jaw-dropping choreography makes any audience instantly connect with and remember the event. Allow Wildfire Entertainment to train your staff to perform a memorable opening act at your next event!

Unique Staff Performances


We can train your staff performers to sing, dance, and act - but why stop there? For a truly unique performance that will wow your audience, allow us to train your staff to perform a Shadow Dance! The video on the left shows a team of property developers performing our ‘Around the World’ routine at their annual D&D in Kuala Lumpur.


High-Tech Staff Performances

Do most of your staff members have two left feet but still want to perform? No dancing is required in TeleMotion, a high-tech act that combines live action with new technology to wow your crowd. This act is the perfect option for a larger group of staff performers looking to provide a real ‘wow-factor.’


Performances by VIPs


Get your VIPs involved! Incorporating your organisation’s leaders in an opening performance is a great way to boost the morale of your attendees. Projection Mapping Dance showcases 1-5 VIP performers and can be supplemented with professional dancers, making this the perfect high-tech option to briefly highlight your event’s VIPs.


Bespoke Staff Performances


Need your team to put together a different type of performance? Fret not, as Team Wildfire is able to create bespoke performances of many types to suit your needs. Contact us to find out more!

Wildfire Entertainment Performances that Can Be Adapted for Client Staff Performers:


- LuMen

- Projection Dance

- Shadow Dance

- Air Vortex

- Ribbon Dance

- Multicultural Dance
- UV Dance

- Musical Theatre


Let the Wildfire team recommend entertainment for your next event!