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Sports-themed Performances

Whether it’s for a sports-themed event or simply a high-energy opening act, Wildfire Entertainment’s sports-themed performances are the perfect entertainment option to get the blood pumping! From retro athletics and 80s music to sleek, contemporary parkour performances, Wildfire’s sports-themed picks will have your audience on the edge of their seats. For an invigorating entertainment experience, look no further than the sports-themed acts outlined with video exemplars below.

Athlete Dance

Customisable to suit any sport style, Wildfire’s Athlete Dance incorporates representative movements from the “sport” in question and combines them with contemporary dance techniques. The result is a high energy, themed dance that brings your event to life! The “Star Athletes” are also available as roving characters to bring a little celebrity flair to your event. 

Treadmill Mania

Treadmill Mania

We were recently tasked to produce entertainment revolving around the theme “Healthiest Family On Earth." During our brainstorming discussion, YouTube recommended we watch OK Go's "Here It Goes Again" music video...and the idea for Treadmill Mania was born. Drawing inspiration from classic 1980s aerobics videos for the costume and music, we knew this was an act that would appeal to event organisers looking for something a little bit different and a whole lot fun! If budget or event space is a concern, ask our Account Manager about the version of Treadmill Mania with one treadmill instead of eight! It’s a lower-cost option that still allows for stunts and tricks that will wow the audience.

Sports Percussion

Wildfire’s percussion acts are featured on other pages of our website, but Sports Percussion in particular is a great choice for an athletic-themed event. The act tells the story of a group of tennis players who make music with their found objects. Customised rhythms, props, and storylines are also available so reach out to our Account Manager for more information!

Stretch Breaks

Nothing says “sports-themed event” like giving your audience an endorphin rush! Get your audience up and moving with Wildfire’s Stretch Breaks. Available in a variety of themes, this version features the “athletes” of our Athlete Dance (above) and is perfect for groups of 2000+. We utilise the seats in the stadium, leading the audience to create amazing group choreography together!


Wildfire’s Parkour artists are athletic and fun, the perfect combination for a sports-themed event. We can customise their costumes to suit any sports theme and this act also includes audience interaction. It’s the perfect choice for an athletic event!

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