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Retro Musical Tribute Acts


Our Retro Musical Tribute Acts are special song & dance performances inspired by various eras throughout history. If your event theme is retro to a particular era, look no further than Wildfire Entertainment's Retro Musical Tribute Acts for the perfect event entertainment! Each Tribute can be done with three or four performers and includes a set routine that is sure to take your event audience right back to the era as if they were actually there.

Jazz Hot


These slick and sexy ladies embody the speakeasy flapper culture with their jazzy, roaring 1920s-inspired performance. Jazz Hot features red hot performers who know how to bring the heat through jazz dance and sultry vocals.

<- See them here combining with The Swing Daddies.


Swing Daddies


The all-male counterpart to our Jazz Hot performance, the Swing Daddies give a big band jazz-style song and dance performance that will bring to mind the classic gangsters of the 1920s.

High Flyin' Honeys


In this World War II-era tribute, three singers perform in the swinging style of the Andrews Sisters. The tight harmonies and big smiles of these ladies is perfect for an event that wants to recall the old-school charm of the 1940s. 

Rivetin' Rosie Tap Dancers


Inspired by the classic World War Two icon of the women's war effort Rivetin' Rosie, these high energy ladies hammer away some pulsating beats. This is a riveting performance not to be missed and is a perfect addition to any 1940s themed or aviation and aeronautical themed event.

Soda Pop Girls


The ultra-sweet Soda Pop Girls' soft melodies and adorable baby pink get-ups are reminiscent of the pin-up girls of the Fabulous 50s. These girls' milkshakes definitely bring all the boys to the bar!



This Retro Musical Trubute Act is still a concept only (so no videos or photos available). Be the first event to bring this Rockin' & Rollin', Jumpin' & Jivin' dudes of the 1950s. Wildfire Entertainment's Rock'n'Rollers are the male counterpart to the Soda Pop Girls, so if you're looking for that true 50s-60s or "Grease" themed performance then this Retro Musical Tribute Act is a must at your event.

Retro Musical Tribute Act Coming Soon

Cloud Nine


These Motown inspired Dreamgirls are the most glamourous retro musical tribute act in our catalogue as they come straight from the smooth side of the 60s. To give your retro themed event some elegance and class just call on Cloud Nine.

Doo Wop Boys

Gentlemen till the end - the Doo Wop Boys ooze effortless cool and sex appeal as they croon classic doo-wop tunes and swing-like beats of 1960s Motown. Paired with the dreamy girls of Cloud Nine these boys are sure to add a touch of class to any event. 

Neon Candy


The wildest, freakiest, eye-catching girl gang is back to belt out your favourite 80s mega-hits. Teased hair, spandex-galore, neon colours - as in your favourite era, the bigger the better! The fact is when people say retro, the first era they often think of is the 80s, that's where Neon Candy come in, as the ultimate Retro Musical Tribute Act.

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