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Production Services

Whether you are looking for a talented choreographer, customised costumes, someone to teach your staff performance skills, or support with developing a creative concept, Wildfire Entertainment has you covered. With extensive experience across the performing arts and events industry, the Wildfire Team is poised to assist with all your production-related needs.

Creative Consultation

& Choreography


Bespoke performances are our lifeblood here at Wildfire Entertainment. If you’re looking for something truly amazing and never-before-seen, reach out to our creative team today. We can provide artistic direction that will take your event performance to the next level. Our world-class choreographers are also available to you so speak to a team member today!

Creative Consultation & Choreography
Creative Consultation & Choreography
Bespoke Costume Creation & Costume Rental

Bespoke Costume Creation

& Costume Rental

You’ve seen the elaborate costumes in our performances and would like to use them for your own event. We hear you! Many of our costumes are available to rent and our in-house team is able to make costumes to suit your specific needs. Reach out to a Wildfire team member for more information.

Bespoke Costume Creation & Costume Rental

Production Management Services


Do you have an amazing idea but need support with its technical execution? Allow Wildfire’s experienced Production Team to advise on how to pull off your big idea. From rigging to lighting design to music editing, Wildfire can assist with whatever you need.

Production Managament
Production Managemet Services
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