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Lockdown Karaoke: How Does It Work?

Singapore has entered a “circuit breaker” period, but that doesn’t mean events are completely cancelled! We just have to be more creative in how we connect with one another. You might know that Wildfire has created #LockdownKaraoke and you may be wondering how it works. We’d like to let you in on the secret with some behind-the-scenes footage of our team working with clients to produce entertainment and team building activities while under house arrest. Check it out!

We hope you enjoyed that brief glimpse at our audio and video editors extraordinaire as they work to make our clients sound amazing!

If you're looking to book Lockdown Karaoke for your next virtual event, or if you'd like more options of entertainment that can be done in a digital or hybrid platform, reach out for a FREE consultation with a Wildfire Account Manager.

The Circuit Breaker period is tough on those of us in the events and entertainment industry, but we can get through this together. Stay strong!

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