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Introducing To You Team Wildfire

Wildfire Entertainment is a performance company that develops the newest innovative concepts, turning them into physical performances. We develop and create new acts while enjoying what we do, just like a big family.

How do we do it?

The Wildfire team consists of 3 core teams - the Research & Development (R&D) team, Customer Service team and Production team.

The R&D team is headed by our Founder and Creative Director, Robert Jenkin. His team is always on the search for new innovative performance types that meet our clients' needs. Wildfire uses a unique R&D model to make sure that we are ready to bring in the "next big thing" when event planners are yelling for a creative solution. We also strive to make sure these acts can be done almost immediately at affordable prices. The R&D team also has to make sure that the exact show can be reproduced by the production team for multiple events.

We recognise that every event has its own agenda and that’s where our Customer Service team comes into play. Our team knows each act like the back of our hands and can efficiently propose the best acts for every potential event. Our team answers enquiries and assists event planners to come up with the best entertainment choices that satisfy their clients' needs.

Once a show is booked, the Wildfire Production team steps in to run the project. The Production team plans and executes performances from start to finish with one goal - producing high quality entertainment. Together with the client, they work out the creative concept of the performance, help clients select costumes, music and more. Once all is decided, event planners can go back to focusing on the rest of the event with peace of mind as Wildfire will sort out the rest. The team’s expertise in production also proves invaluable as they take on the challenges of running on-site rehearsals and performances effectively and independently.

Every department plays a vital role to produce a Wildfire performance. From R&D to Customer Service to Production, our team’s professionalism and attention to detail guarantees the highest-quality event entertainment performances in the industry.