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Halloween-themed Entertainment? Opening "Scare-emony" it is!

A ghostly witch. A zombie schoolgirl. A mummy, a vampire, and a she-wolf. How to tie these disparate characters into a cohesive "Opening Scare-emony" performance? This was the challenge that faced Wildfire's creative team this August.

Luckily, we were up for it! The goal was to create realistically ghoulish figures who could serve as roving characters, but also look fantastic in a tight, choreographed hip-hop number. We achieved this by relying on a consistent colour palette and we chose white to contrast with the expected "black & orange" colour scheme that permeates the spookiest holiday season.

The effect was haunting. Our creepy Halloween characters were turned into ghostly versions of the classic monsters. Add stunning makeup and hard-hitting choreo and these beasties are guaranteed to be a Halloween hit! Because we've already done the tough work of sourcing costumes and creating the performance, we're able to offer spooktacular special rates on this Halloween horror show:

Roving & Dance Package

1 hour roving performance by each character - they'll make your audience scream with their scary silent interactions, and their creepy makeup is Instagram-worthy for guest selfies!

1 high impact street dance performance to our spookily edited dance mix


Dance Package

"Flashmob-style" through-the-audience entrance to creep everyone out!

1 hip-hop-style feature performance by our spooky dance crew


Roving Package

All five spooky characters to rove around your event for one hour, interacting with guests and scaring them out of their wits!


If you only require 1-2 characters instead of all five, our roving monsters are also available at our standard character rates of $700 per character for the first hour and $350 per character for each subsequent hour.

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