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Surefire Ways to Get the Most Innovative Entertainment for Your Next Event

How Wildfire Entertainment leads by example through innovation

Innovation is such a core value to Wildfire Entertainment that it features not only at the top of the About page on this website but on the Home page as well. Having been first-to-market in Singapore with numerous acts over the years, from LuMen and Umbra - Shadow Dance to Zephyr - Air Vortex, we have striven further to provide global event entertainment firsts with our Incendio and Aerial Digital Water Curtain shows. But how and why do we innovate?

Innovation is difficult, time consuming, and involves significant capital risk. We do it anyway because we are passionate about it. We're a company founded by creatives. We simply love to create new things, explore new ideas, and push the boundaries of what's possible on stage in an event setting. In this way, innovation is woven into the very fabric of our company culture. It's what drives us, and having a team who are passionate and driven about what they do has, in turn, led to better business outcomes as well.

So let's take the business case further. While there is inherent risk in innovation, through the commitment of capital and other resources with no guarantee of ROI, there is significant potential reward to be had when successful. Failing to innovate within an industry that is constantly demanding new and unique entertainment options would actually be a far greater risk. By embracing innovation we stay relevant to our clients and true to our company mission.

Now that’s the why covered. What about the how? At Wildfire Entertainment, the ability to innovate is built directly into our entire business model. Some years ago the decision was made to no longer act as an agent to other artists and acts. We recognised that in the age of information it is easier than ever for event managers and performance groups to work together directly, and there simply wasn't significant value to offer as an intermediary. This strategic move enabled us to focus on what had already become our greatest strength: show creation. Everything on the Wildfire Entertainment website is conceptualised and created in-house by our team. From a sales standpoint this means no agency fees. From a production standpoint it means no failed communication as you're always talking directly to the show producers. And from an innovation standpoint it means that anything new we want to add to our catalogue we have to create ourselves. Developing new and innovative shows is therefore a vital function of our continued success as a company.

This is why we allocate significant manpower and resources to research & development. At any given time we may have up to a dozen different R&D projects on the go. These range from early stage exploration of new technologies to final stage show production as we prepare to bring a new act to market. Our team are constantly on the lookout for new ways to entertain your event audience and we have a structured process we follow to make it happen. Those of you who have done shows with us recently may have noted that even in the post-event follow up by our sales and marketing team, they will have asked what types of shows you would like to see available in the future. For those of you who haven't had the opportunity, please email us and tell us what new acts you would like to see added to our R&D pipeline next.

If you can make the date then join us in person at the Event Tech Show 2019 on May 30th at Zouk Singapore, where I will be giving a talk on Technology and Innovation in Event Entertainment. We’d love to hear about new innovations you’d like to put on your event stages.

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