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FOMO Cure: Wildfire Awards Night Recap

What did we do at Wildfire Awards Night 2019?

We played "Wildfire Feud" and "Speak Out." We ate delicious food from Liang Catering and yummy traditional ice cream provided by Carnival Empire. We voted on which Wildfire performer was deserving of superlatives like Glitter Bomb (most dazzling makeup during performances) and Snorlax (performer who always sleeps at Wildfire Studio).

We handed out collectible badges to performers who have done 5, 10, 20, or 30 Wildfire shows this year. We performed a sketch/dance act in honour of our hardworking dancers. Most importantly, we honoured the performers who have gone above and beyond this year to take home the coveted Wildfire Awards of Best Performer, Most Professional, Most Versatile, Most Hardworking, and Most Creative.

In case you missed the fun on August 5th, check out our recap video! The soundtrack is the parody of "The Greatest Show" written and performed by the Wildfire staff with the guest appearance of all the attendees of Wildfire Awards Night at the chorus. Thank you for lending your voices, energy, and positivity to Wildfire Awards Night 2019!

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