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Discovering Endless Possibilities with Wildfire’s Holographic Projection Dance

Back in April, Wildfire Entertainment released one of our newest acts, Holographic Projection Dance. The Holographic Projection Dance allows our performers to interact with graphics in 3D. This is done using the latest scrim technology, convincing the audience that the graphics are floating in midair, creating an awe-inspiring experience. Wildfire puts in a massive amount of work and man hours to produce a customised Holographic Projection Dance for our clients. Let me bring you on a journey of how a Customised Holographic Projection Dance is produced.

Once the show is confirmed, the Production and Creative teams are called in to understand the requirements of the clients. Meetings are held for the team to come up with different and unique concepts before coming up with the ideal proposal for the client. Once the concept has been decided, the preparation of the new routine begins. Our Creative Director will start the creative process by designing the mood boards and storyline of the routine. Next, graphics for the routine that match the storyboards are developed. As this is a Holographic Projection Dance, there will be graphics playing over more than one screen and different sets are required and have to be played in sync for the routine to go well. Lastly, dancers are called in for rehearsals for the actual show. At the event venue, the Holographic Scrim is installed in preparation of the show.

Join us in our journey you will never regret, creating a brand new Holographic Projection Dance routine that defines your event. Watch our behind the scenes video to learn more about a customised routine that was done previously.

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