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Wildfire Entertainment proves that creative and commercial need not be mutually exclusive by collaborating with local professional artists to create unique, innovative, visually dynamic performances from concept to completion for the MICE industry in Singapore.

If you're a local artist with a passion for performance, we want you to join us as we transform the corporate arts culture in Singapore.

What can Wildfire do for you?


Beyond the obvious answer of giving you opportunities to perform and paying you for your time and talent, Wildfire also offers a community. As a Wildfire artist, you have access to our studio and resources. Do you have an idea for amazing new choreography? A class you'd like to teach? A performance idea that requires a bit more capital than you have on hand? Wildfire Entertainment can help with the business side, leaving you free to focus on the creative.

What can you do for Wildfire?

You ARE Wildfire! Wildfire Entertainment isn't the namesake of any one person. It's a network of artistic professionals. As a Wildfire artist, you are contributing to our mission to increase the artistic integrity of corporate entertainment. We'd like your input and collaboration in this mission, whether it's by performing in one of our shows, developing new acts with us, or building a sense of community by taking/teaching classes.

Our Future...


We need the buy-in of our local professional artists to convince our corporate clients that their audiences deserve the same level of artistry in their shows as non-profit dance and theatre groups. As a Wildfire artist, you are not married to Wildfire. You're free to pursue other opportunities, be a company member of other organisations, and perform wherever you'd like. Wildfire's aim is to build a network of passionate artists who are motivated to perform and create. Join us today!

Let the Wildfire team recommend entertainment for your next event!