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Parkour HYPE !

Treat the world like it's your playground-- in Parkour there are no rules or guidelines. Freerunning encourages each individual's freedom to maneuver creatively through everyday infrastructure like stairs, pillars and walls. Parkour HYPE features an array of heart-stopping, high-impact stunts that are sure to wow your crowd. Let your audience immerse themselves in a world of adrenaline and excitement!

Parkour Performance with Audience Interaction!


Parkour HYPE is one of Wildfire’s newest performances, boasting not only strength and creativity but also grace and style. On top of that, audience members were invited on stage to be participants. This performance hyped the crowd like we’ve never seen before! This performance is perfect for getting your VIP involved in the show. 


Audience Interaction

Showcasing Stunts with a Jaw-Dropping Performance.


At this year’s USANA Asia Pacific Convention 2018, our parkour professionals executed insane flips, jumps, and vaults! Using an easy-to-set up prop structure onstage, the performers showcased brilliant gymnastics and hardcore athleticism. This performance is great for sports-themed events. 

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