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 Musical Theatre

Your client saw Chicago and now wants an opening number that involves singing, dancing, and acting--but you can't afford to bring Broadway to Singapore for one night only! Luckily, Wildfire Entertainment has you covered. Our performers are professionally trained singers, dancers, and actors with extensive experience performing musical theatre in Asia and abroad. Each Musical Theatre act is specifically tailored to your event, inclusive in our rate. Whether it's a scene from Wicked or a medley of pop songs, our performers will wow your crowd with their incredible stage presence.  

Broadway Musical Theatre


Wildfire's Broadway Musical Theatre acts recreate classic and contemporary musical theatre repertoire onstage. From Chicago to Wicked, we can recreate any musical theatre performance replete with costumes and choreography. If you want performers who can sing and dance--at the same time!-- look no further than Wildfire Entertainment. Customisation of the repertoire is inclusive in our rate. Let us know the style of Musical Theatre you are looking for and we can suggest the perfect performance to suit your event.




Perhaps traditional Musical Theatre doesn't suit your particular event. Maybe your client wants a performance of pop songs or jazz numbers. Don't worry, our Cabaret performers are exactly what you are looking for! Our talented Wildfire artists perform custom choreography while singing songs of your choice to a backing track. Whatever the style, whatever your needs, Wildfire Entertainment can provide the talented performers to wow your audience. 

Pop Musical


For a song and dance performance that is totally modern Wildfire Entertainment offers Pop Musical or Pop Cabaret performances using the latest music hits and dance styles. So basically, with Singapore's most highly skilled musical theatre performers we can take absolutely any song and turn it into a live stage performance to entertain your event guests. 

Singing Waiters


For a dinner event, there's no option more crowd-pleasing than Wildfire's Singing Waiters! Similar to a flashmob, our Singing Waiters wear standard wait staff uniform instead of a flashy costume. The audience thinks the performers are only there to serve the food until the music starts and then all bets are off! These high energy performers are the perfect surprise for any event where food is served!

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