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Multicultural Acts

We are proud to live in a country with a culturally rich artistic history. What better way to introduce your foreign VIPs to Singapore than with a showcase of the diverse cultural dances that exemplify the harmony of Singapore? The options below are Wildfire’s interpretation of the classic ‘multicultural dance’ performance.
Ask our Account Manager how you can turn the Multicultural Dance into an opening parade by having the performers enter through the audience!

Singapore Cultural Dance


Malay, Indian, Caucasian, and Chinese: the four races live in peace thanks to mutual respect and admiration. Wildfire’s Singapore Multicultural Dance showcases the intricacies of each culture’s traditional dance style while elevating them with contemporary movements and techniques. With beautiful costumes and choreography performed by Singaporeans with years of training in the various disciplines, this is a high quality cultural dance that visitors to Singapore and natives alike will enjoy and appreciate.

Singapore Cultural Dance

Turkish Cultural Dance


Bring a taste of Turkey to your event with this Turkish inspired cultural dance performance. Perhaps Turkey is your next incentive destination, a new market you are expanding, or you're simply looking for something different to entertain your event guests. Whatever the case, this performance is a stunning addition to any event programme.

The performance in the video opposite included the addition of branded stomp rockets which are available as an add-on to any wildfire performance and bring extra fun and audience interaction.

Multicultural Dance combind with another Wildfie Act

Singapore Hawker Dance


Inspired by the colourful cultures of the uniquely Singapore hawker centre, this dance performance brings a taste of Singapore to any event. Whether hosting a local audience or welcoming international guests, Wildfire Entertainment's Singapore "Hawker Centre" Dance is a fun and creative event entertainment option. This performance includes moments of beauty, character, and comedy, guaranteed to entertain all who see it.


Ask about our roving options to have the characters entertain your guests during your pre-event as well.

Multicultural Dance combined with another Wildfire Act


To take Multicultural Dance to the next level, we recommend adding one of Wildfire’s Premium Acts to the performance. Seen here is our “Air Vortex Dance” with a multicultural dance curated by the MINDEF-related Organisation, So Drama! The elegance and modern grace of the Air Vortex is a perfect complement to the traditional dance forms of Singapore.

Customised Multicultural Act


While Singapore styles are our specialty, we are not limited to cultural dances from our island. By collaborating with trained dancers in all disciplines, we can bring to life a contemporary twist on any traditional dance form. This means that we can create a performance to showcase your next incentive travel destination, as in this Turkish Dance example!

Customised Multicultural Act
Multicultural Roving Characters

Multicultural Roving Characters


If a staged performance isn’t right for your event, look no further than our Multicultural Roving acts! Available themes include our “Hawker Uncles & Aunties” as well as our contemporary twist on traditional Moving Statues.

Multicultural Roving Characters
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