Many Voices One Team

In collaboration with Musicland, Wildfire Entertainment presents the ultimate in guest interaction for your next conference. With “Many Voices, One Team,” the guests at your event create the final performance -- and they do so as an activity during the conference itself. And we’re not just talking about a dozen or so participants, but hundreds of conference guests can participate in this fun, confidence-building activity with a surprise at the end that every single attendee will enjoy. It’s guest interaction, team building, conference activity, and closing performance all rolled into one!

How it works

  1. We set up a recording booth somewhere at your conference. (This can be in your break out area, your exhibition space, or at your welcome cocktail night - it’s entirely up to you.)

  2. Your guests are made to feel like superstars as they sing, clap, and dance to a small section of your chosen song.

  3. We work our magic to make them look and sound amazing, piecing everything together into an amazing split-screen video performance.

  4. You play the video on the final day of the conference and watch your guests faces light up as they laugh, cheer, and even sing along all over again! You even get to keep the video to post to social media, allowing guests to share and relive the magic over and over again.


Many Voices, One Team

at Usana Live APC 2019

Almost two hundred Usana distributors were turned into singing superstars at the annual Asia Pacific Convention in Singapore. The recording booth was such a hit we had to ration tickets. The delegates thought they were auditioning for a chance to be selected as the Top 4 to be featured live in the main hall on the convention’s last day. Their surprise and joy were truly palpable when the video played on the final morning of the conference and they realised that they all got to be featured on the main hall’s mega 40m LED wall.

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