Glowing, futuristic figures appear suddenly from darkness, then disappear in an instant only to emerge again on the other side of stage. These are LuMen: highly trained LED dancers who push the limits of current technology with our fully pre-programmed, remote controlled system that creates lightning-fast lighting effects perfectly synchronised to music and choreography. Now with 100% customisable colour!
Branding can be added to any existing or customised routine.
Fully customised music, choreography, lighting effects and costume designs are available.

The 90s

Number of LED Dancers: 5

You think you've seen it all, but we beg to differ. Set to wow you once again, we invested our creative minds into developing brand-new, never-before-seen costumes which complement our newest LuMen programming. This routine holds the record number of special effects as we push our performers to the limits to create stunning visual images by using different parts of their bodies. For a performance that will surprise your audience, choose The 90s routine.


Do It

Number of LED Dancers: 5 or 6 or 8

The edgiest and most hard-hitting of our LuMen routines, Do It can feature 5, 6, or 8 LED dancers. This performance capitalises on the Tron-dance style dynamic with a heavy techno-beat and gritty street-dance style. This futuristic dance act is sure to hype your audience!

Please indicate in your enquiry if you require the 5, 6, or 8 dancer version of this routine. 

Echo & Bounce

Number of LED Dancers: 2

This two LED dancer performance features funky electronic beats and an intriguing story-line as the characters Echo and Bounce vie for control of a hip hop dance. One LED dancer creates the other, seemingly from thin air, then the two battle it out for LuMen supremacy. Will the blue LED dancer reign supreme? Or will his red clone take over? Delight your audience with this Tron-dance duet.



Number of LED Dancers: 3

Done in a more fluid style, this three LED dancer routine highlights the theme of water, air, earth and fire. The three LED dancers flash in and out of view, their costumes changing colour in time to intense violin music with a futuristic techno-beat. “Elements” is the perfect marriage between contemporary and street dance styles with LuMen LED Dance technology.


Day & Night

Number of LED Dancers: 4 or 6

Our only routine that can be done with four OR six LED dancers, Day & Night features a rock & roll beat and dancing body parts! Visual effects make the LuMen look like they’re running across the stage in stop motion as they perform hip hop dance moves to a medley of high energy songs.

Please indicate in your enquiry if you require the 4 or 6 dancer routine.


Soul of Motion

Number of LED Dancers: 6

This soulful LuMen performance combines modern dance with futuristic Tron style to fuse innovative technology, heavy bass, and new-age melody. Originally created for the Singapore Launch of the Mazda 3, Soul of Motion uses six LED dancers and surprising visual effects to create a memorable, glow-in-the-dark performance. Reminiscent of flowing water, Soul of Motion is perfect for an event that prioritises a more elegant performance that still packs a futuristic punch.



Number of LED Dancers: 6 or 8

Our most techno-savvy routine, the programming for Glitch causes the LuMen costumes to imitate a stuttering video. This visual effect, paired with a techno soundtrack and hip hop dance, makes for a visually stunning LuMen option.


Glitch can be performed with 6 or 8 LED dancers; please indicate in your enquiry how many you require.



Number of LED Dancers: 8

Set to a medley that includes the Skrillex song “Cinema,” this routine is the most commercial of our LuMen LED Dance acts. The LuMen costumes make the dance routine pop and while the focus isn’t on the technology, it still serves to enhance the performance and give it that WOW-factor. This routine is perfect if you want LuMen without the emphasis on “futuristic.”


Ready to Go

Number of LED Dancers: 11

Our highest-impact LuMen performance, Ready to Go features eleven Tron-style LED dancers and the Martin Solveig feat. Kele hit song “Ready 2 Go.” This act is recommended for large venues where you really need to hype the crowd; consider adding costume customisation as the client has done in our preview video!