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Jazz LuMen & Ballet LuMen


 You want the edginess of LED Dance at your event, but your client thinks our Tron-Style LuMen 2.0 is too futuristic-looking. What's an event planner to do? Contact Wildfire about our two brand new LuMen offerings, of course! Ballet LuMen and Jazz LuMen feature two brand new costume designs that are perfect for VIP events and Gala Dinners.

Jazz LuMen: Bang Bang (5 Dancers)

With their top hats and tailcoats, Wildfire's Jazz LuMen are the perfect way to class up any event! Requiring full blackout just like Wildfire's other LuMen offerings, Jazz LuMen are currently available in the 5-dancer routine seen in the video at left. The track is "Bang Bang" by the Black Eyed Peas. Of course, we can customise a brand new routine for your event as well! Get in touch with us to learn more. 

Jazz LuMen

Ballet LuMen

Making their world debut just last month, Wildfire's Ballet LuMen grace the stage in vibrant tutus. These beautiful costumes look great in light or dark, so our Ballet LuMen are suitable in a choreographed stage performance ("Black Swan" with six dancers, see full routine at left) or as roving performers. 

Ballet LuMen

Jazz LuMen: Magic Hat (2 Dancers)

Wildfire's brand new, two dancer Jazz LuMen routine is perfect for events with a tight budget. Featuring an upgraded Jazz LuMen costume that is colour customisable, this toe-tapping routine is comedic with a touch of magic. It's the perfect act for a gala dinner extravaganza.

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