Interactive Trivia

It's a Game of Phones!

Keeping virtual event participants engaged through your programme is challenging. That's why we've come up with Interactive Trivia for Virtual Events. It's a quick quiz game designed to give your virtual event participants a fun refresh moment to reduce the typical fatigue of a virtual event.
It’s easy and interactive - the perfect brain break. But it goes further than that by providing an optimal setting for gathering valuable data from your virtual event participants through the incorporation of specific questions into a fun interactive activity.
Beyond virtual events, this is also a great activity to bring together teams who are working from home for some light-hearted banter and team building. Or as a fun relationship builder with your clients. We can even oraganise inter-office tournaments. The possibilities are endless!
Interactive Trivia 3.jpg
Interactive Trivia 1.jpg

How It Works

Participants watch their laptop or desktop screens for the questions to appear via your existing virtual event platform.

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