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Incendio - Indoor "Fireworks" Dance


Incendio is a one-of-a-kind, never before seen performance type that utilises brand new technology to wow the crowd. Performers interact with what looks like fountain sprays of fireworks. They dance as the "pyro" effect goes off in time to the music, dancing around and even through the sparks. But they don't get burned, because these are no ordinary "fireworks"--this is INCENDIO, the only 'pyro' performance type from Wildfire Entertainment. Using a 100% safe, non-combustible, indoor, smokeless firework fountain simulator, this dance performance is the perfect act to wrap of an impactful event with a bang!

See a preview of Incendio in the video below, where a student dancer shows off the technology with choreography by local artist Charmain Ho. 

Incendio had its debut live performance at USANA APC 2017 in April! Check out the dance battle between two dancers, below.

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