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Celebrity Impersonators​

With both roving celebrities and feature performances to choose from (and some celebrities available for both), your Hollywood themed, MTV, or Oscars night will be fully star studded thanks to our engaging Celebrity Impersonators.
Not to be mistaken for lookalikes, our celebrity impersonators provide a focus on true impersonation and total embodiment of the celebrity's mannerisms and physical presence. All performers are provided character training, professional make up, and iconic costumes to give them the level of detail that has left more than a few of our clients' event guests giddy and a little starstruck.
For our on stage celebrity impersonator feature performances we keep the original artist's true sound by having our performers lip-synch to the actual recordings. After all, that's how most of the real celebrities do it nowadays anyway!

Michael Jackson


The ultimate Celebrity Impersonator. The true test of any Michael Jackson Impersonator is always how well he dances. this is why Wildfire Entertainment only works with Singapore's most award winning Michael Jackson dancer. Don't settle for a less than perfect moonwalk, this MJ will even manage to make it slick on the typical event stage carpeting.

Available both as a roving and feature performing celebrity impersonator.


Lady Gaga


This undisputed queen of 21st century glam, Lady Gaga is an iconic celebrity impersonator at any event. At her absolute best with a host of elaborately costumed back up dancers, Lady Gaga brings quite the impact to the stage.

Available both as a roving and feature performing celebrity impersonator.

Charlie Chaplin Celebrity Impersonator Singapore

Charlie Chaplin


One of the world's most popular and roving street act, Wildfire Entertainment brings Charlie Chaplin's iconic tramp character to the Singapore event scene with highly trained and hilarious Charlie Chaplin Impersonators. Combining techniques of clowning and slapstick with plenty of improvisational mischief Charlie will brighten any pre-dinner cocktail or photo-booth area.

Available as a roving celebrity impersonator only.

Marilyn Monroe


A classic Hollywood red carpet just wouldn't be complete without the one and only Marilyn Monroe. We work hard with our Marilyn's to get them to walk, stand, and move as close to the original lady of glamour as possible as they work the crowd and pause for photo-ops. For a bit extra, talk to us about recreating that iconic sidewalk grill scene for our Marilyn Monroe Impersonator and your event guests.

Available as a roving celebrity impersonator only.

Marylin Monroe Celebrity Impersonator Singapore
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