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Ikkandu is a new show concept combining existing Wildfire acts with exciting new content. The show is a visual spectacle combining traditional and cutting edge performing art forms with innovative technology. A strong thematic narrative brings a wide variety of forms together into a strong cohesive whole.

The show takes us to a world far away. The world of Ikkandu: A raw, elemental world populated by diverse peoples born of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

Available for one night only shows or extended runs, Ikkandu can be performed in theatre, auditorium, event hall, or ballroom.

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Performance Types Included



Scene Breakdown



The stage goes black then is suddenly lit with UV light as dancers enter the stage to the sound of powerful drum beats. They are covered in elaborate neon tribal body paint and throw bright coloured powder into the air. Emerging from the pack are parkour performers who dazzle with their acrobatic skill as they somersault across the stage, climbing and jumping off set pieces and each other.

The sequence comes to a climax as the coloured powder shifts from stage to screen. The performers interact with the complex motion graphics, sending explosions across the screen as they move. The motion graphics dance concludes with a bang and stage again disappears into darkness.


Emerging gently from the darkness, a piece of silk begins to dance in the air at the centre of the stage, as if by magic. A performer joins the silk and dances an elegant pas de deux, seemingly both controlling and being controlled by the fabric as it moves around her.

The dancer then gestures to the sky as lights fade up on a pair of aerialists who perform death defying routine.

A group of performers burst onto the stage below with flowing ribbons as they dance and manipulate them to float throw the air around them.


Breaking the elegance and beauty of the Air people are the people of Fire who burst onto the stage with energy abounds. Their energetic dance movements are accompanied by fire spinning and manipulation.

The performers take the fire a step further as they raise fountains of sparks from the ground in time to the intense and high-tempo music.

Fire is sent from stage to screen as flames fill the LED wall as manipulated and controlled by the dance movements of the performers. Flaming bodies fill the screens in an infernal climax.


Option 1: Quenching the flames is the leader of the water people as she fills the stage with water using the magic of holographic projection

Option 2: Real water falls from the sky as the leader of the water people creates patterns, demonstrating her supernatural control over the most fluid of elements. Wildfire's Digital Water Curtain is a dazzling and impressive showpiece as part of any show.

Water dancers fill the stage shooting jets of water about them with power and grace.

Transitioning from above to below the surface of the water, the stage fills with bubbles as the water leader appears encased in a giant bubble of her own. She moves across the stage surrounded by her people.


Travelling deeper underwater we reach the dark depths of the ocean and a mysterious world of colourful bioluminescence The performers create motion graphics on the screens behind them, dancing graciously as they spread water and light across the stage.


The people of Earth, Air, and Fire return to the stage where they perform in competition, but ultimately in harmony with each other, showing the perfect balance that exists in the world of Ikkandu.


Suddenly this harmony is broken by the arrival of an invading force. The people of Ikkandu hide as a new, technically advanced people arrive. They perform a futuristic dance performance as their illuminated costumes seemingly enable them to teleport from one part of the stage to another. They grow and shrink in number creating confusion and fear.

Bringing more than high-tech suits these invaders present arms in slick synchronicity with fast moving pre-programmed LED poi. Long and sword-like, these poi are manipulated with precision and power.

Magnifying their presence further they take control of the screens, sending high-tech motion graphics across the stage as they dance.


One by one the peoples of Ikkandu attempt to repel the invaders but the outsiders seem too strong. Coming together as one the people of Ikkandu finally appear to gain parity and a grand battle ensues.


At the climactic height of the battle a strange thing occurs that stops all people, of both sides, in their tracks: An Invader and an Ikkandan clash with curious results as the invader suddenly begins to change form until their illumination reflects the natural element of the Ikkandan. More invaders begin to morph until they have all assimilated into one of the Ikkandan tribes.

The newly found balance ends the need for conflict as all peoples now revel in their harmony.

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