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Holographic Projection Dance

Wildfire Entertainment brings the latest in holographic technology to the corporate event stage with its premium Holographic Projection Dance. With a range of already proven projection dance routines available in Holographic format there’s an option to suit any event theme. See the options below or talk to a Wildfire account manager about a fully bespoke Holographic Projection Dance today!

Touch the Stars


Wildfire Entertainment’s most popular projection dance goes holographic! “Touch the Stars” combines elegant choreography with interstellar motion graphics and is a perfect fit for our new holographic setup. Choosing an existing Wildfire routine can save significant costs while still getting the premium holographic element.


The following projection dance routines are suitable for Holographic Projection Dance:

Customised Holographic Projection Dance


To truly set your event a class above the rest, talk to a Wildfire account manager about a bespoke Holographic Projection Dance performance. This example was produced for the 2019 IPBA conference in Singapore and thoroughly impressed the collection of international dignitaries in attendance. Wildfire Entertainment’s creative team successfully wove together the history of the host organisation, its future ambitions, and its rebranding launch into an engaging and exciting opening performance.

Video Coming Soon

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