Globe Dance

The new Globe Dance from Wildfire Entertainment is a magical option for any event. Whether as a roving act or for a stage performance, Globe Dance can be customised to contain any character and suit any theme. The beauty and elegance of our ballerina option belies the incredible skill required to dance and travel around in the oversized globe. Artificial snow can even be added for that wintry feel.

Staged Performance


There are many performance concepts and storylines possible with a Globe Dance Staged Performance! Talk to a Wildfire Account Manager today about how we can customise this unique performance to suit your event theme.


In this performance the graceful ballerina waves from inside her enclosed world. Backup dancers, with props of giant silk, twirl around her as her dashing cavalier ponders how to get inside the Globe to rescue the damsel. Halfway through the performance, the ballerina exits the globe to perform a pas de deux with her handsome suitor.

Roving Act


Enhance your guests’ experience with an interactive Globe Roving Act. Available in the classic “Ballerina in a Snow Globe” form, but customisable to suit any theme, our Globe Roving Act is available as a stationary photo op or a mobile interactive performance.


Ask a Wildfire Account Manager which option is most suitable for your event.




The Globe performance can be customised for any theme! Past performances include:


  • Mother Nature

  • Christmas Ballerina

  • Cherry Blossom Angel

  • Halloween Mummy

  • Magical Mermaid

Let the Wildfire team recommend entertainment for your next event!