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Aerial Butterfly Act

A graceful butterfly rises into the air above the stage. Her six-meter wingspan stretches above the performers onstage, a colourful backdrop in the sky. Wildfire’s Aerial Butterfly Act can be customised to suit your requirements. Whether she is the star of the show, accompaniment to a solo or choral act, or the lead in an aerial trio, this impressive ode to growth and beauty is a stunning act to add to your event programme.

At a TEDx event in 2019, Wildfire’s aerial butterfly took the stage along with a 20-strong chorus of trained singers. The song “A Million Dreams” showcased the powerful and uplifting storyline embodied by the aerial butterfly. 

In early 2019, Wildfire’s aerial butterfly took the stage with country star Collin Raye. His soaring vocals were a perfect complement to the graceful butterfly and her corps of Silk Dancers. 

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