Audience Interaction

Getting an event audience involved in a performance through either direct or indirect interaction is a great way to increase engagement and enjoyment of the event as a whole. Recognising this, Wildfire Entertainment has developed a host of ways for our performers to interact with your event audience. Whether it's simply by passing amongst the guests on their way to the stage or by bringing guests onstage themselves to participate, these options are sure to add extra excitement and intrigue to your event.

Many Voices, One Team


In collaboration with Musicland, Wildfire Entertainment presents the ultimate in guest interaction for your next conference. With “Many Voices, One Team,” the guests at your event create the final performance -- and they do so as an activity during the conference itself. And we’re not just talking about a dozen or so participants, but hundreds of conference guests can participate in this fun, confidence-building activity with a surprise at the end that every single attendee will enjoy. It’s guest interaction, team building, conference activity, and closing performance all rolled into one!



By following along to the exciting cheers and chants carried out by our parkour performers, it guarantees to enrapture the crowd. If that is insufficient to bring up the audience’s mood, the performers could invite a few volunteers up on stage to be part of the showcase, which would definitely hype up the audience anticipation for the rest of the performance!


Stretch Breaks

To get the crowd to stand up on their feet and get active, stretch breaks is the way to go! With appropriate countdowns and cues, our performers will get the crowd to easily follow along to simple choreographed exercises which will undoubtedly help the audience to be energized for the upcoming events!


Entrance through Audience


Having the performers enter through the audience is a great way to spark off excitement as the guests get up-close engagement with the arriving performers and their costumes. By having personalised gestures and acts towards the audience as the performers enter, it builds up a feeling of eagerness for the following act!


Popular with our LuMen shows, this interaction can be added to most of our feature performances for minimal or even no charge!

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If you prefer minimal words and contact for the audience interaction segment, rockets would be the best selection! Our performers would stomp on machines that would launch rockets flying from the stage and towards the audience for them to catch! The element of surprise from the flying rockets will definitely bring excitement and hype up the crowd!

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