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Zephyr - Air Vortex Dance

An undulating length of luxurious fabric dances in the air, twisting and turning in the wind created by the twelve fans encircling it on the floor below. One or two dancers can join the vortex, highlighting the graceful movement of the fabric with their 3-5 minute contemporary dance performance, or the energetic vortex sculpture can stand alone as an hour-long installation.
Long-term rental and purchase options also available for long-term, regular-use or permanent installations.

Watch our stunning dancer light up a product launch in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Her ability to connect to the fabric while hardly touching it created true intrigue and beauty for our thrilled client.

A large crowd in a large space for Amway made this 2018 Air Vortex duet performance all the more enthralling.


The 2016 Singapore WSH Awards at Marina Bay Sands were really something special with the help of Zephyr combined with elegant motion graphics.

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